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5 ways to send text messages from PC


Mighty Text

Mighty Text

a) Install the device Mighty Text on your Android device.

b) Open Google Chrome on your PC and then add the extension called Mighty Text.

c) Open the app and pair it up with your PC. This will be done through the Wifi network on which both the devices are connected.

d) After you’re done with the setup, you will be able to see your android name in the app when you access it.




a) Download Airdroid on your Android Smartphone first.

b) After you have downloaded the app on your smartphone. Now go to from your computer browser.

c) Now scan the QR code given on your computer screen with the help of your Android Mobile app.

d) You will now be able to receive all your SMS on your PC.


Use any of the free SMS sending sites

Use any of the free SMS sending sites

There are a number of websites available that allow you to send and receive messages


This site supports the 160-character messages and you can send a message to any number online and after registering your personal details online, you can send free SMS to anyone.


This site, which is only available in India, allows you to send messages quickly.


This is an Indian site and is only available in India. It allows you to send messages to any number and you will also receive the SMS that you have sent.


This site allows you to send anonymous messages without registering personal details.


This is an anonymous SMS sending portals that allow you to send messages anywhere around the world for free.

SMS using Gmail account

SMS using Gmail account

a) Log in to the account that you wish to send free SMS from.

b) Click on the compose button and the sending mail dialog box will pop up.

c) In the field that says To, write the mobile_number@carrieraddress.


Using ‘Your Phone’

Using ‘Your Phone’

‘Your Phone’ is an app developed by Microsoft that is available for Windows 10. The app allows you to have access to the photos, notifications and text messages that are available on your phone. You can use the Your Phone app to send text messages from your Android.

a) Go to ‘Your Phone.’ Install it if you do not already have it on your PC.

b) Follow the instructions given on screen to set up the Your Phone app and to link your PC with your Android device.

c) Once you are done with this, Your Phone app will list your smartphones. Click on Messages and then click on See Texts.

d) Click on ‘Send Notification’ button as shown on the screenshot.

e) Grant the notification access on your Android device. You will now be able to see your entire messaging interface on your screen. Click on ‘New Messages’ and then choose the contact. Type your message and then click on the ‘Send’ icon.